I don’t usually do this, but with a lack of my own work to post about, I thought I would talk a bit about things I am currently reading.

I have just finished The Colorado Kid, by Stephen King. This particular book has gotten mixed reactions due to what I consider its literary sensibility, and what others may consider its flaws, or possibly King’s laziness.

The “story” of the Colorado Kid, which is being told by two elderly newspapermen to a young intern, is identified from the very beginning of the book as a “non-story”–something with no through-line, and certainly no conclusion. I guess some readers didn’t think that this applied to them, or the book itself–but it does.

Exceptionally well written, this book is a perfect example of structure conforming to ideas. King makes his point by writing a story that follows to format of his theme. Anyway, I liked it. King admits in his afterward that he understands many won’t enjoy the book, and I guess that’s okay. Not everyone has to like it.

I will recommend two more books (one being a graphic novel), though I am not going to review them since I am still reading both.

The first is Mcsweeny’s Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories, Edited by Michael Chabon. This is a cool little collections of short stories that defy genre, which in my book is always a good thing. Check it out if you are willing to take the plunge.

The last graphic Novel is called The Nocturnals: Black Planet. Cool dark imagery and interesting plot line. Dan Brereton Paints all of his panels, giving the book a real smooth feel.

Now, I told you I wasn’t gonna review these. Besides, why the hell should anyone listen to me about these books. If they look interesting, read the back cover; if that sounds interesting, go buy or borrow it. All I’m here for is to draw your attention to titles you may have overlooked that you might actually like.

Go wild.