The Unreachable Itch. I’ve got it bad.

This weekend has been a different kind of hell. Usually I like being home, getting work done, writing, submitting–it’s what I do. But this weekend, something was different. I wrote and edited and read and just couldn’t seem to reach that darned itch.

Eventually I reduced myself to multiple e-mail checks, forum checks–oh yes, and beer. And I can’t omit posting here as a consequence of my new-found cabin fever.

On the bright side, I finished a new short called, “Hair of the Dog.” It’s horror, but it’s funny horror. And honestly, I’m not exactly sure where to submit this lighter type of dark fiction–gray fiction?

I also started writing a fantasy story for an anthology I want to submit to. I have never written fantasy before, and honest to God, I probably never should–but I want to give this a shot because I liked the theme of their anthology: Thieves and Assassins. I’m writing about a thief.

Okay. I’m going to go find a long stick outside and see if I can reach my itch with that.