I just lost a whole bunch of writing.

It’s gone forever.

On the bright side, it’s cloudy and rainy outside. So I am happy.

For those newcomers wondering what there is to see here, I refer you to the side-bar where there are links to some of my writing (I suggest “The Plumber”), links to horror writing markets, links to other blogs and sites of interest, and some hidden goodies for those willing to seek them out.

Hint: Try clicking pictures that seem to have no real function.

As for writing news, there ain’t much.

I am still waiting on many submissions that are out. I haven’t had much writing time because of a sudden rush of grad work, but hopefully that will soon pass.

What do I want to drink?

Coffee soda beer tea? Tea beer coffee soda? Beer beer beer beer?

Chocolate milk.

With a shot of espresso.

And now a word from our sponsors…