Taking only a few hours to mourn my latest batch of rejections letters, I resubmitted, “Enduring at the Edge of the Storm,” to Ideomancer, and sent “Drugged: A Character Study in Six Parts,” to City Slab.

This will be the first submission for “Drugged” and the third for “Enduring.” This is also the third submission I am sending to Ideomancer–hopefully this one is more to their liking.

2 thoughts on Submissions #2 and #3

  • Just as a suggestion, you might consider adding links to the various magazines to which you submit so that other fledgling authors like myself can expand our own options. 🙂

  • Jim, thanks for the suggestion. While I don’t always link to the specific mags that I submit to, I do have a “Markets” links section on the side-bar.

    The best place to look for spec-fic magazine markets is ralan.com. Most everywhere I submit to is listed on that site, and it is th most up to date info.


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