Sub 7 went out at midnight today to Horrors Beyond II, an anthology through ESP, publisher of Dark Wisdom.

Today is also their deadline, so I got in in just in time. I had been waiting, trying to get a piece together that fit the theme, and had a high enough word count. I actually had two pieces that would have been perfect regarding the theme, but they wanted a minimum of 4,000 words, and both my stories were way under that.

So, last night, in a fit, I found an older story that might or might not work with the theme, fiddled with it, revised it a bit, and sent her out.


The summer is half over for me. In two months I start student teaching, and any aspirations of writing are put on hold for the entire semester. I had meant to write a novel this summer. I had meant to make big moves with my writing.

I had meant to…


Progress on the new website is still moving along. The main page and “enter” page both have been finished, along with some creepy music for the “enter” page. I guess the next step is to integrate the 3D buttons that are being worked on.

I’ll update progress as it continues.