Alrighty. Another 3 day rejection from GUD for my piece “Retired.”

I sent GUD yet another story. This one (“Like Everyone Else”) is strictly literary with no horror elements to it (though it is a bit dark).

I also sent “Retired” back out, this time to Fantasy Magazine.

I have had one rejection from Fantasy magazine a couple of months ago, but I like the look of their publication and wanted to give this one another shot. The piece I sent is not a fantasy story, but the guidelines state that their magazine has a broad definition of fantasy (and to me it seems that they buy anything with speculative elements).

Of course I have broken one of my own rules on this one and have not yet read an issue of the magazine. So maybe if I get a rejection I should consider myself in ranks with Mr. J.D. McNutterhouse.

3 thoughts on Rejection #13 --> Submissions #12 and #13

  • Rejections always sting, but I suppose you can’t accuse GUD of keeping you hanging-on for a reply.

    Good luck with the new subs.

  • The more I read of your rejections, the more nervous I get. I got pretty damn lucky to get a piece accepted. Not that it wasn’t good, but the odds are pretty slim it seems. Keep going man.

  • Steve, You’re right about that. GUD certainly doesn’t keep you waiting. In fact…


    Rejection #14–> a 2-day reject from GUD for “Like Everyone Else.”

    Oh well.

    I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m really still a newbie to the whole writing game, so my rejections may really just mean I need more practice. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    So just because I get a lot of rejections doesn’t mean you will. I see a lot of ppl getting accepted.

    We’ll all keep fighting together.


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