I thought I’d post a few updates.

Can you believe it’s October?

I’ve been trying to make the most of this, my favorite time of year, but it’s hard when I have as much work as I do. I have had time to bake a few of my favorite autumn pies (apple and pumpkin), trying to get in the seasonal as well as writing mood.

And the writing? Well, not completely non-existent, but it might as well be. Most of the writing I’ve been churning out comes in the form of lesson plans and reflective essays. But I’m not complaining…Wait–yes I am!

It sucks.

I can’t tell you what I’d give to have a couple weeks of free time.

So, on to business. I’ve had some rejections. One rejection from Cafe Irreal, one from City Slab, one from GUD…

I think there are more, but I can’t remember right now, and hell, it all comes to the same thing in the end anyway.

I still have a few stories out, and I have a good feeling for some of them, others, not so good.

Anyway, that’s my update. I’m around, even if I don’t post every day, or week.

Cheers, and happy Autumn!

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