I recently found out that my story, http://www.mydevilswork.com/issues/1.11/index.htm “The Plumber” has gotten a recommendation for the HWA’s Stoker Awards. To be truthful with myself, this doesn’t mean too much, as I’d have to get many more recommendations to get anywhere near the top of the list, and only the top-recommended stories become “nominated” for the awards. And yet, it still feels good to get that one recommendation. Maybe I’ll even pull in a couple more–we’ll see.

Since I’m such a new writer, and my story wasn’t very widely read, I think it’s much harder for me to have a real shot, especially when there are so many qualifying stories out there. But again, it still feels good.

For more on the stokers, see this link: http://www.horror.org/hwaawards.htm