As you know, over the past couple weeks I have been experimenting with making fresh sourdough from scratch. Though I’ve had some trouble getting my wild yeast starters to give sufficient rise to my dough, I have started to proof another batch tonight, with the hopes the the resulting dough will rise. I have gained back some confidence due to the help and advice of Kate. (Thanks Kate!)

While this is underway, I have begun a new food experiment. This time I’m making sauerkraut. My dad is a collector of old crocks, so I even had the proper container to use. These old crocks were used for pickling, making kraut, churning butter, and much more–so I thought it fitting to bring the old world back to these containers.

Anyway, I have shredded 5 pounds of cabbage, added 3 tablespoons of salt, and tossed it together. I put the mixture into the crock and weighted it down with a plate and a gallon water jug. It needs about two to four weeks with daily care (skimming scum from the water surface) before it is done.

One big mistake I made was the addition of cumin seeds instead of caraway seeds. I must have grabbed the wrong container–too late now. I just hope it doesn’t completely ruin the sauerkraut.

No writing news today. I’m still working on a few pieces and waiting on a few submissions.