I received a 1 day rejection from Raven Electrick http://ravenelectrick.com/ for a flash fiction piece. She suggested sending another one in, so I did. Hopefully it will have better luck.

So, I guess that’s my three. Does that mean I get a sale now? Here’s hoping.

So, I broke in my new camera today while I made my first sourdough pizza. It came great–better than I thought it would. So, here is the catalogue of photos. Sorry about this first one being all blurry, but I messed it up.

Anyway, this first picture is my proofed sourdough starter after sitting for about 5 1/2 hours. Notice all of the bubbles on top.
So once it was nice and active, I mixed the recipe and formed a nice dough. This is the dough directly after kneading:

And this is my dough after 2 1/2 hours of rising:

I told you it was a super starter. My last sourdough starter would take at least nine hours to get a rise like this, plus I didn’t like the taste of that last one. This one tastes great. Anyway, I only did one rise on this since it was going to be a pizza. So next I stretched it out onto a cookie sheet and put it together. I would have liked to use a pizza stone, but I haven’t had a chance to pick up a new one.

And once it came out of the oven:

And that’s that. The pizza is gone. The crust was really crispy. Damn. Now I want more.