So, I figure I owe a nice big update.

I will be around again, at least for a few months. It’s officially summer for me–maybe not weather-wise, but school-wise, it is.

So, here’s the good news:

I graduated with my Masters of Education. The previous semester I received my certification to teach English. So this summer holds two major goals. The first, of course, is to find a teaching job. The second, which is of more interest to readers of this blog, is to write a novel.

In fact, I’ve already started, and I have a good 3,000 words, plus a vague outline (which is a surprising change from my usual method).

I’m not going to say anything about the novel’s content over the next couple months. There are a few people (my critique group) who have seen some sample chapters, but otherwise, I like to refrain from too much discussion of it till the first draft is done.

On the Short Story side of news, the past two days have brought me two rejections: one from Darker Matter and one from Dark Wisdom. I also sent out two submissions today, to offset the rejects.

Well, it feels good to be adding entries again. See you all soon.