So, I had a rejection today from a new magazine called Noctem Aeternus

They said it was well received, but not a sale. Though I’m pretty sure it was a form reject.

Check out the site. The mag is a free PDF, so it’s worth checking out. Plus, they pay 10 cents a word, so if you have something worth sending, go for it.

In novel news, I added over 1,000 words today…although I think that’s actually yesterday and today…

Anyway, the word counter says it all. I’m going to go watch a movie now.

I recently bought htis 50 horror movie pack for like 12 bucks. Helluva deal. It has a couple gems that I already own (Night of the living dead, Little Shop of Horrors, etc) but it also has some other goodies like House on Haunted Hill (original), The last Man on Earth, The Bat, White Zombie, and more than I can mention.

Yeah. So I’m going to go watch that.

Damn, I can really go for some mac and cheese.

Wait, maybe I’m going to make mac and cheese first.

Then watch the movies.