With very little else to say or do, I thought I’d post some more pictures. For one thing, it justifies my spending $140 on a digital camera. For another, it makes my dreary blog look oh so pretty.

Come on. You look at me with a straight emoticon and tell me all that vibrant green doesn’t almost make you forget your reading the ramblings of a–well, of a–

Huh. I don’t know how to finish that sentence.

In fact, let’s play a game. Leave a comment and fill in the blank.

I am wasting precious ticks of the second-hand reading the ramblings of a ____________.

Some ground rules. You cannot use the following words and/or phrases:
1) madman (it’s a cliche, and beneath you)
2) lunatic
3) Deranged schizophrenic (hits too close to home)
4) Truly boring individual (that would just hurt)

Weeeee! This is fun.

Okay, pictures, and then I’m out.

I’d post more, but if you have read more than this one post, you’d already know that I’m too damn lazy.


Bye now.