It’s raining, but I don’t mind very much. Somehow rainy weather is more interesting. Today was one of those days that I had to be out in it. Not just walking to and from the car, but unloading trucks for work, and bringing out garbage. And, okay, walking to and from the car.

As I slid four boxes off the back of a truck and into my arms, a woman ran by, screeching and flailing her hands in the air as if trying to shoo away the rain. She sounded like an approaching, and then retreating, firetruck. I expected to see a swarm of bees following close behind.

But there were no bees.

The truck driver glanced at me and shrugged. I ran my hand through my hair and shook out some rainwater.

About five minutes after going back inside, I was almost completely dry.

Makes me wonder.