About one year ago, i entered a flash fiction contest over at Jason Evans’ blog, Clarity of Night.

It was a great experience that led me to meet great writers, many of which appear in my links section. Though Mr. Evans organizes these contests often, this has been my first opportunity to participate again.

To enter the contest, you simply write a 250 word (or less) story, based on the picture he posted.

My favorite part of the contest is reading everyone’s entries and getting to meet new writers.

I urge anyone who hasn’t done so, to go check out the contest, read some entries, and enter, if you have the time.

My entry is called Taking Stock

Since I am deep in the writing of my novel, I actually ended up using those characters to create a new scene, one that does not appear in the novel. I treated it as an outside exercise to learn a little bit more about my characters, their motivation, and some weaknesses.

The story turned out okay, though certainly not my best.

Let me know what you think.