Steve, from Blog From the Darkside asked an interesting question on my comments page, and I thought it deserved it’s own post.

Steve asked the following:

“I see that the novel’s word count is still rising. It doesn’t look like it will be to much longer before you have reached your target of 50,000 words.

I’m curious to know if you still have the same amount of enthusiasm for the project now as you did when you started it?”

Reading this, I immediately thought of Steven King’s book, On Writing, where he explains the need to sit down and get that first draft written before anyone else ever reads it.

Here, I did want to use some direct quotes from the master, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time to sift through his book. But, the gist was this: If you give other people a chance to read your unfinished work, and they say something bad about it, you might be deterred from finishing.

Further, if you stop writing for too long in between, you might lose interest in the novel.

You may or may not have noticed that as time has gone on, my novel’s word count has been slower to rise. In fact, it’s been close to a week since my last word count update.

And here, I’ll finally answer Steve’s question: No. I do not have the same amount of enthusiasm as when I started. It’s been a real up and down movement throughout the process, and it’s my own fault.

Despite my knowledge of how to go about writing a novel, and the expert advice given in the many books, including On Writing, that I have read over the years, I still broke cardinal rules.

I let people read chapters before I was finished.

I took time off between chapters.

I discussed plot and character with people.

And on top of all these problems, I have become more of a short story writer. I’m used to starting and finishing a work withing two weeks, at most. Working on this novel for over three months with very little feedback has been tough. I keep thinking about when I can finally send it out to agents and publishing houses. I spend more time thinking about submitting it than I do working on it. It’s a bad habit.

So, yes, my enthusiasm has wavered. But not enough to threaten the work. I will finish this novel. I am very, very close to having my first draft.

A month ago I said I was three days away to being done. So I was a little off. But I do have less than 10,000 left to the first draft.

So it should be any week now.

Any week now…