You can read my flash story, “Lost Little Girl,” for free at Every Day Fiction.

EDIT: I just found out that one of my stories appears in today’s (Sunday October 28th) edition of the Pocono Record: the local paper. I had entered a Halloween Writing contest a couple weeks ago and never heard back. I assumed my story wasn’t the winner. Well, turns out, I was right. I didn’t win. But my story did appear in the paper.

I was going to scan a copy to post, but I found it on the paper’s online site. Unfortunately, it is sharing space with the other stories. You’ll find mine on the right hand side, second story down. It’s called “Red Death.” Actually, the original title was “The New Horror,” but I guess I forgot to include the title on the online entry form, so they named it for me. Oops.

Red Death

Let me know what you think.

Happy October

***EDIT: Last one, I swear. A couple of bloggers are giving away free books through contests, and I wated to give a shout out for them.

The first is Clyde Andrews, who is giving away a copy of his latest book, Escape From Epsilon, a collection of short stories.

The second contest is being held by Jim over at Shamus Writes. He’s giving away a copy of Dune!

Go and enter both contests. It’s free!

Good luck.