Is Upon Us…

This will likely be my last Halloween 2007 post.

I had a good night. Our area, for one reason or another, has had fewer and fewer trick or treaters over the years. Unfortunately, tonight was probably the worst turnout we’ve had yet. Of course, that does mean I have pounds of candy near at hand, so all is not lost.

I’m thinking about staying up all night. I do have work in the morning, but I’d hate to waste the sugar high. Really, I didn’t eat much candy, but I did finish all the meat that was attached to this bone:

To be honest, i went out exploring in the dark tonight, and stumbled upon this bone in my backyard. Now, i know you’re going to immediately assume I’m making this up, but stay with me here. My flashlight hits the bone, sitting right next to my garden in the back, and my blood goes cold.

It’s really a huge bone, so my first thought is, “If the bone is that big, how large is the animal that was eating it?”

I became very still and listened to make sure I was alone. There was movement, off to my right. Leaves pushed…rolled in? It seemed far off, and I couldn’t train my flashlight beam on it, but I did notice the drag marks in the dirt around the bone.

Subtle, but in evidence.

I’ll investigate further in the morning, when chances of being surprised by a large animal are lessened.

Here’s a pumpkin pie I made:

And my Jack O’ Lantern in all his glory, burning away his one night of fame:

I hope everyone had a successful, frightful, haunting, and happy Halloween.

I’m off to bed for a midnight marathon of bloodcurdling horror movies.