Hey Everybody. some good news on the home front. My story, “Retired,” has finally been uploaded to the MagusZine site. It is listed as the October issue, though as far as I can tell it just came out.

This is one of my longer pieces, not like those 100 word shorties I had published last month. So go on down to MagusZine and have yourself a look:


MagusZine is a part of Magus Press, which also sells anthologies such as The Sound Of Horror.

Happy Thanksgiving!

EDIT: I was just reading through my story, “Retired” on the MagusZine, and noticed some typos. I spotted things like missing letters all the way to missing sentences. I checked this against my source copy, and as I suspected, the problem did not originate on my end. I’m going to contact the editor and see if I can’t get a fix on these few typos.