Wow. Time sure does seem elusive these days. If it wasn’t for Akasha’s nudge (see comments for my last post) I’m sure this post would still be days away.

I wish I could say I’ve been lost in my writing for the past weeks. Of course, seeing as how it’s Christmastime again, rather than writing, I’ve been spending most my time spending all my money.

For those who’ve read some of my stories, you might have noticed a bit of an anti-materialism streak throughout the works. It’s a theme I like to play with, but this time of year always turns me into a big ol’ hypocrite.

Yeah, I like stuff just like everyone else. A common misconception among readers is that if a writer explores certain themes, said writer also subscribes to the beliefs he or she puts on paper. Maybe…sometimes. I surely do have a strong distaste for spending money (and money itself). I’m probably one of few people in my age group to not own a cell phone, for instance. But does that mean I’m ready to drop out of mainstream society and live in the mountains?

Not yet.

Maybe soon…but not yet.

First I have to get at least one novel published.