…don’t buy an HDTV!

Listen to Uncle Tony, kids. This will be the best advice you’re bound to get this Christmas season. Stay the hell away from HDTV’s. They will suck your time away like a vampire sucks blood. And if you have to get an HDTV, please, do NOT purchase a TIVO. And if you just can’t do without TIVO, please, for the love of God, do NOT buy a gaming console!

You’ll listen to me, right? With all the technological possibilities flooding the consumer market, you can resist the temptation to buy into a high resolution home theater system that looks crisper than reality…right!?

Because your imagination is crisper yet…isn’t it?

You have to listen to me, because I’m speaking to you from my own personally dug electronic grave. A new HDTV and PS3 plugged directly into my skull. I tried to disconnect; I yanked at the wires, but they were too deep.

Learn from my mistake.