Did you ever notice it’s easier to write about a season when it is that season? It must be a natural side effect of being sensory animals. How can you not want to write a story taking place during the summer when you’re gardening, hiking, swimming, and enjoying other seasonal activities?

Everything is so immediate. If you need some inspiration, just go outside and snatch your setting descriptions.

With this is mind, I present a writing prompt. At midnight, go out for a walk. First, breathe in and smell the air. Then stand quietly and listen. Let those few things soak in and walk.***

Once you return, sit down wherever it is you write and start a short story with this: “It was midnight, and I/he/she/it went for a walk.”

If I get enough responses from people who do this, maybe I’ll post some of them. Your call of course. Otherwise, enjoy the walk.

***Needless to say, if you live in an area where a walk at midnight equals much unpleasantness flung in your general direction, maybe skip it. Or take a knife.

Note: The image is sourced from http://ideas.veer.com and was created by Tom Huveners.