Howsa ’bout a random informational post? You see, I don’t want to neglect my cozy little blog here, but I also don’t want to put off writing today–I’m percolating! (No I’m not doing that crazy dance. I have ideas percolating.)

I’ll break it down into bite sized info-nuggets. Easily digested, and tasty to boot.

Snail mail rejection from an agency, 5 days round trip. Made homemade ginger ale with carbonating yeasty beasties. New review assignments. Entered a query contest on Miss Snark’s blog. Made pulled pork barbecue. Consulted the Handbook for the Recently Diseased–Ahem!–Deceased on a few matters. Awaiting word on a partial.

Yum. Tastes like chicken.

(Edit: I really have to start proof reading these things better…)