I consider myself very lucky this year. It’s one thing to have some work published, but something else completely to work with, and be published alongside, authors you admire.

Being welcomed into the Bad Moon Books family, I have the great pleasure of seeing my novel in print with writers like Michael Calvillo, Lisa Morten, and even Clive Barker.

And really making my day today, I received an acceptance for my story “Uprooted,” which will be part of the Sand Chapbook Line, a limited, signed, and hand-stamped lettered series released by Strange Publications.

This release will afford me the opportunity to work with Aaron Polson–a great writer and editor–and be published alongside two amazing writers: Barry Napier and Cate Gardner, which is truly an honor.

My chapbook won’t be released until (tentatively) late 2010/early 2011. But Barry Napier’s chapbook is available now! Cate Gardner’s offering is next to hit shelves.

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