I’ve been writing a new novel for the past few weeks. It’s been slow going, but I manage to put some words down almost every day, which is pretty important.

I always feel disconnected from the writing community when I start a novel. I read less blogs and write less posts. Even worse is while writing a novel I don’t have anything new to submit to the short story markets. I don’t know about you, but I love having at least half a dozen stories submitted. More if possible.

I love knowing that any day I can open my e-mail to find good news waiting. And it makes even the most unproductive days seem okay because hey, at least I have those stories out in the world working for me. Right? RIGHT?


I wrote my first novel in the first person, which made plotting pretty easy. There was only one POV to worry about, and besides flashbacks, the plot unfolded in a linear pattern.

This, my second novel, refused to cooperate with my efforts to subdue it. It bucked and kicked until I–with bloody face and torn clothes–acquiesced.

As a consequence, I now have 14,000 words written with no less than six point of view characters and a twisting road of a plot that refuses to be pinned down, making this index card plastered cork board necessary. I feel violated.