The rules are simple.  The first person to correctly identify what the heck this is a picture of, wins a book.  Simply post your answer (only one guess per person, please) in the comment section.  Please fill out your e-mail in the comment box so I can contact you (unless we are twitter or facebook pals and I know how to reach you).

I’ll announce the winner on Monday or Tuesday.

You may recognize certain components of what this is, but to win, you must correctly identify what it is, as a whole.  If no one correctly identifies it, I will choose the closest guess.  The winner gets her or his  choice of any one of these paperback books:

Brain Keene’s, Dead Sea

Richard Laymon’s, Traveling Vampire Show

Stephen King’s, Gerald’s Game (hardcover)

If none of these strikes your fancy, I have a huge number of books, and I’m willing to give you other choices if you win.

Now then, what the heck is *this?*