Me being me, I have been somewhat preoccupied with homebrew, video games, movies, and yes, even some writing.  Through this cloud of laziness and procrastination, it occurred to me that I recently posed a question on my blog: should I start a new section of the website called “Ask the Professor?”

The answer to this question, if you haven’t noticed, was a resounding yes.  Although, admittedly the majority of you seemed more interested in my promised insults, revealing that my readers are a horde of masochists.  Not exactly surprising–I’ve long had my suspicions if you want to know the truth–but the votes still count.

In any case, I guess I’m stuck doing this professor thing now that I’ve promised it.  I normally don’t keep promises of course.  It’s so much more fun to break them.  But in this case I may stand to gain something–I don’t know what, more readers?–so I figured I might as well do it.  I can be an ass to nice people asking serious questions.  It’ll be fun!*

So, my little masochists, would you like the professor to answer one of your writing related questions**?  If so, send your query to HorrorWriterContest (AT) gmail (DOT) com.  Make sure you turn the (AT) and (DOT) into what they need to be.  If you don’t know what that means then I probably don’t want to read your question anyway.  (And the insults begin).

The Professor awaits your call.

(And here’s a picture of homemade pastrami!)

*Those who know me know I’m not actually an ass, but for “The Professor” bits, I’ll do my best at pretending.  🙂

**Here, “Writing Related” will refer to any and all questions concerning fiction, horror, grammar, submissions, queries, agents, and anything else about the business of writing I may have left out.  When in doubt, send your question.