It has occurred to me the that some of you may not remember who I am.

Back when I was a nOOb writer with hardly anything published (actually, now that I think of it, not so different from now)  I used a screen name instead of my real name.  I don’t know why exactly.  Maybe it was something about not wanting perspective employers discovering I wrote horror.  Or maybe it was that I wanted a sense of anonymity online because let’s be honest, you’re all psychos and likely to track me down and murder my face.

Whatever the reason, once I started publishing on a slightly more regular basis, it became apparent I had to use my real name if I ever wanted fans (ha!) to find me.

So do you remember me from years ago?  I’m onipar (no cap, just the way I likes it), from the scantily clad blog Tales at Twilight.  Or have I morphed into this Anthony J. Rapino fellow so perfectly that the guise of oni vanished completely?  Here, let me slip out of my beard for a moment so you can get a good look at me.

Familiar?  I hope so, because oni, Anthony J. Rapino, or plain old Tony, I’m the same nutter you’ve known for years.




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