Many of you who frequent my site know that  I’ve added yet another hobby to my list of growing obsessions: Home Brewing.  As autumn draws closer, my interests tend to all collide as I determine the best way to inject Halloween and fall into every last minute of my day.  Lucky for me, homebrew was an easy fix.  Not only am I planning to brew Moon Hill Pumpkin Ale (a recipe of my own design and a beer to appear in my next novel), but I have also brewed a batch of Graf, which is a malted apple beer, or according to Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: A Concordance, Volume 1 By Robin Furth, “Strong Apple Beer.”

Before I move on, a shocking confession: I have never read Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.  Oh don’t look at me like that.  I’ve been busy.  Well, actually, I did read The Gunslinger over a decade ago.  It wasn’t what I expected, which is to say it wasn’t King’s usual horror, and I wasn’t ready for it.

Nevertheless, it came to my attention that this drink, this Graf (or as some have come to spell it, Graff), is a drink straight out of King’s Mid-World.  Though I may not have read the series yet (oh, you know I will), I found it an irresistible combination of a fall-time drink (hard cider), horror (Stephen King), and beer (caramel malt, torrified wheat, and cascade hops).  Does torrified wheat become terrified wheat when added to King’s Graf?  Har de har har.  *Rim shot.*

I brewed my Graf this past weekend, which means in three weeks I can bottle and in another three weeks to a month, I can drink it.  This was my first go-around with my new glass carboy as well.  It’s a lot of fun to finally be able to watch as the yeast eat up all the tasty sugars, burping out CO2 and peeing alcohol.  What a sight.

At some point I may even try to brew some Lord of the Rings inspired ale, but until then, I have a pumpkin ale to think of.

*Graff label design is the work of Greencoat from

**I did not brew the “Captain Greencoat” recipe found on the above link.  I brewed Brandon O’s Graff.

***I don’t have a label design for my Graff or my Moon Hill Pumpkin Ale.  Should I hold some sort of label design contest?