It’s sort of like the Monster Mash, only when it’s over, prizes are given away, new friends are made, and more than one limb will be devoured.  By me.

I was on my near-daily trek of Google Reader when I stumbled over to Milo James Fowler’s site, where (to my surprise and delight) I found he’d made mention of me in his latest post.  It seems I’ve done *something* right, be it my frequent mention of disembowelment or my gleeful desecration of the English language.

But that’s for another day.  *Today* I’m posting because Milo’s post also presented the aforementioned Coffin Hop.  As soon as I read about it, I knew I wanted in.  It’s a blog tour that occurs from the 24th till the 31st of October.  On those days you hop from blog to blog (using the handy-dandy Coffin Hop list) and meet new writers, enter contests, and pretty much have a grand ol’ time. There’s still time to sign up as a participating blog.  And really, as long as you’re up to writing a blog post and hosting a contest, I can’t think of a single reason *not* to sign up.

As for my own contest, I’m going to give it a really good think.  I’ve been collecting many treats to give away for when my novel is released (coming oh so soon!), so I have plenty of goodies on hand.  I’m thinking something along the lines of a Halloween Mystery Bag Giveaway.

How does that tickle you?