Dudes, Dudettes, and Gentle Inbetweenies,

Today I call on you for the good of the kingdom.  For there is an evil that must be slain, and you, my band of psychos, are the only ones who can do it.

Okay, fine.  It’s not really all that evil.  And nothing has to be slain.

I wrote an entry for a contest being held at http://www.best-horror-movies.com which required me to write about “How I Do Halloween.”  This of course was right up my alley as it’s basically what I’ve been doing nearly every day here.  For an added bonus, I also attached three of my flash fiction stories to the entry. If you follow all of my published work, then two of the stories will be familiar.  However, one of them is a new and unpublished work, called “The Picture.”

So here’s the deal.  I can win some cool stuff (dvd’s, masks, books, etc) if I have a lot of comments and high ratings on my entry.  If you are so inclined (pretty please with sugar on top?) head over and read my entry, then simply comment and rate it.

I thank you from the bottom of my horror-loving heart.  And don’t forget, starting on October 24th, you’ll have a chance to win a ton of goodies too:  The Coffin Hop.