Sandy Musick (winner of the Halloween Mystery Bag) was kind enough to send along some photos of her opening the package.  I thought it’d be nice to let everyone see what the contents of the mystery bag were, partly because half the fun of a surprise is discovering what it is, and partly because I plan on doing a Holiday Mystery Bag in December.  This way you can get an idea of what *might* appear in the next one (holiday themed of course).  Wow, how PC of me to not call it a Christmas Mystery Bag.  I must be losing my offensive mojo.

Speaking of prizes, I want to thank everyone who commented on my contest entry.  I won!  Thanks again for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Now then, the content of the Halloween Mystery Bag (click a photo for the full-sized image gallery).

The Bag

The movie Jenifer, The Ghoul Log DVD, Halloween napkins, an Issue of Shroud, an issue of Cemetery Dance, a copy of Halloween DIY, the Space Squid issue with my story in it (signed), Novelty bottle label stickers (zombie virus, etc), promotional postcards, severed fingers…

Plastic spiders, a variety of candy, new ear buds for an MP3 player, ranch flavored mints (ewwww!), “Threadless” stickers, a plastic rat…

And a new Pokemon T-shirt

Not a bad haul, right?  I’ll do something equally (or even more) extravagant for the holiday giveaway.  In the meantime, the next couple weeks will bring you a major announcement, psychotic ramblings, and at least one type of organ meat wrapped in bacon.