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Posted on: May 31st, 2011 by Anthony Rapino 18 Comments

Hello fellow readers and writers.  It’s always nice to have some legitimate news to announce, and today I have two juicy bits.

My new story, Inside the Walls of East Lombard Street,” is now available to read at Electric Spec.  Here’s what they had to say in the Letter from the Editors:  Anthony J. Rapino gives a shout out to Poe while making you think twice before entering into your next “serious” relationship with “Inside the Walls of East Lombard Street.”

Go forth and read.  It’s free after all.  And remember, I always welcome criticism, so feel free to give me a shout after reading to tell me what you think.

And now, the winner of my “Guess what this is” contest:

Amanda C. Davis!

She correctly guessed that the picture was my rotted Jack O’ Lantern from this previous Halloween.  Please help me in congratulating her on the win.

Keep checking back for new stories and contests throughout the summer.

18 Responses

  1. Monique says:

    Congratulations! 😀 I’ll head on over and give it a read.

  2. Hathor says:

    Well, you know I’m not into the language and stuff, but overall I liked the story. It really kept me interested with all its twists. Good job! Congrats!! 🙂

    • Glad you liked it, Kellee. Yeah, curses flow from me like champagne on New Years Eve. Hey…don’t you listen to ICP? ;-P

  3. Indigo says:

    Awesome! Great way to give love a bad name in true Poe fashion. Enjoyably creepy. Love the twist with the end. Can’t say much more without giving the story away. ;P

    • Thanks, Indy! 🙂 Having read a few of my more recent stories, you probably see a bit of a pattern there. I think I’ve written it all out of my system now though. Onward and upward!

      • Indigo says:

        A pattern? You don’t say? ; P. Now there’s something I can delve into…Nah, too easy. You can still mine that storyline. You keep coming up with different takes on it. (Hugs)Indy

  4. DRC says:

    Fantastic! I loved it! Well done!!

  5. Hathor says:

    Ha ha. . . yeah sometimes I listen to ICP. But I ignore all their language to get to the message too. 😉

  6. “You see, I knew the secret about love. You had to kill it before it had a chance to hurt you.” Holy crap. Nice work.

  7. ack! I was going to say candle wax… but the ice dog kept nipping at my fingers… 🙁

    Congrats, Amanda!!!

    And Congrats, Tony on your newest publishmentication!!!

    • DRC, thanks so much, glad you liked it!

      Indy, yeah, it’s too easy. 😉

      Milo, I appreciate it, thanks so much for reading! 🙂

      Sorry, Kara. There will be more contests coming. I think I may do more of these “what’s this picture of” types too. And thanks!

  8. Angela Perry says:

    You packed a lot into that story! What a good example of how to work backstory into a small space. I loved how you set the tone right out and kept it consistent, and how you managed to pull off an unsympathetic protagonist. Great work.

    • Thanks so much, Angela. I admit to having an unhealthy love for unsympathetic characters. :-p

  9. Cate Gardner says:

    Congrats. Looking forward to reading it.

  10. Laurita says:

    Shout out to Poe? Sold! I’m off to read. Congrats, to you and to Amanda.

    • Thanks, Cate and Laurita. 🙂 Hope you both enjoy.

  11. Aaron Polson says:

    Dude. A rotten jack-o-lantern. Awesome.

    Off to read…

    • Ha, thanks, Aaron. Hope you like the story.

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