What better day to reveal the cover of my first short story collection than Friday the 13th?  There is no better day!  If there was, I would have done it that day instead of this day.  Now stop asking silly questions.

Sorry.  Friday the 13th brings out the blood-lust in me.  Sort of like full moons and Halloween.  And the Autumnal Equinox.  And the Winter Solstice.  You know what…it might be easier for me to tell you the days I’m not feeling deranged, but that’s for another day.

Today is for the cover reveal.  The cover was created by the amazing Rebecca Treadway.  She was a lot of fun to work with on this project, and she really caught the essence of Moon Hill in her design.  Rebecca was also nice enough to make a special Welcome to Moon Hill wallpaper, which I will make freely available when the collection is put up for sale, later this month.  Make sure to drive by Rebecca’s website to see her other work.

The idea to self-publish a short story collection was a long time coming.  I’m one of those writers who started in the dark ages, when “self-publishing” was synonymous with “vanity publishing.”  When every authority on the subject told you in simple terms: don’t do it.  And if you do do it, don’t brag about it.

The doctrine surrounding self-publishing has changed dramatically in a very short amount of time.  Self-publishing is  no longer looked down upon, and has, in fact, become a badge of honor.  Vanity has become Indie.  And yet, it is still hard for me to break those blocks of concrete off my feet.  The ones that restrict my movements and keep my head submerged under dark waters.

So this, my first self-published book, is meant to act as a rock hammer.  Like Andy Dufresne, I’ll chisel away, little by little, the concrete that has me trapped and keeps my thinking restricted.  And maybe someday soon, with my head above the water, I will have a clearer view of what all this means.

Until that day, I say to you, welcome to Moon Hill.