Things are really moving along now with Soundtrack to the End of the World.  The good people at Bad Moon Books have been in constant contact over the past month or so as we continue to work towards our “early 2012” release date.

About a month ago Bad Moon sent the first draft for me to go over, so I could make last minute changes.  A couple weeks later they sent the final edits with a few more changes/questions.  I also wrote all of the front and back matter (acknowledgments, dedication, synopsis, author bio, etc.)  for the book at that time and sent it all back the next day.

Yesterday I received word that the signature sheets (for the limited edition hardcover) are on their way to my front door.  I’ve been sitting on most of the artwork for the novel for a while now, but when the sig sheets arrive, I’ll snap a few shots and post a “reveal.”  However, I am still going to make you wait a bit longer for the cover.  Oh I know, I know.  I’m a real tease.  But I have a good reason for it!  Although the cover art is completed, it doesn’t yet have the title and other text incorporated.  See, I’m not a total bastard after all.

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