For your viewing pleasure, I offer you two versions of the reader-conducted interview, in which I answer questions posed by you.  Questions include the following:

  • Zombie Apocalypse: Fight or Flight?
  • What music inspired the writing of Soundtrack to the End of the World?
  • Your hair is long; did you grow it yourself?
  • What is your most irrational fear?
  • …and much more!

While answering these question (posted on Twitter, Facebook, and my website), I realized I talk–a lot.  For that reason, I edited two versions.  The first is a “short cut” interview, with a 13 minute run time.  I edited out everything (nearly 10 minutes of content) except for the most basic answers to the questions.

The second version is the “extended cut” interview, with a run time of 22 minutes.  This includes everything from the taping, minus only a few edits made for continuity.

Whichever version you decide to watch, I hope you enjoy!

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