As this little movie marathon contest goes on, I realize that I’m not doing very well.  The majority of the points go to viewings of movies on the Video Nasty List (hence the name of the contest), but if I’m being incredibly honest, these are not my first choice of movies to watch during October.  You’ll see this is true as you read through the list of movies and television shows I’ve watched this week.


Here’s my week two horror movie marathon list:


HAVEN / Netflix / 2 episodes, 42 Mins each (84 mins)

3 Rotten Corpses

I have a bad habit of continuing to watch shows that I’m not a huge fan of, simply because they are available and easy to pop on Netflix while I’m trying to go to sleep.  For that reason, I’ve consumed another 2 episodes of this mediocre show.  I’m not proud.


PoltergeistPOLTERGEIST / The Big Screen! /  114 mins

5 Rotten Corpses

I’m just throwing this out there:  Isaw this movie on the big screen during my local theater’s “revival series!”  Bonus points?

I love this flick.  I try to watch it every year during October.  Sure, some of the effects are past their prime, but it’s a good movie with some scares, some gross out moments, and lots of humor.



4 Rotten Corpses

I’m really enjoying this show.  It has a genuine creepy factor going for it, interesting plots, good acting, and although it doesn’t really stick to the plot of the original story, I can look past that in this case.



4 Rotten Corpses

This is not a horror show, though I could argue that the whole “Apocalypse via no electricity” thing is horror movie fare.  But really my justification for this one is simple:  there was trick or treating in the episode!  I’ve enjoyed this show from the beginning, and especially now that things are getting even weirder.  Spontaneous combustion anyone?


MANIAC (2012) / Netflix / 1 hour 28 mins

4 Rotten Corpses

I dug this.  I’ve always liked the original, but this remake definitely does it justice.  Everything from the 1st person POV to the kills worked for me in this.  The soundtrack gave it that extra authenticity it needed too.  Elijah Wood was serviceable in the role, but I was never completely convinced by his performance.



4 Rotten Corpses

The season premier was good.  Though, I don’t trust myself to be completely unbiased with this one, because I already love the show, and when I already love a show, I tend to enjoy everything it throws at me.  Still, we got a nice little update on where most of the main characters are, plus a few hints as to where the season is headed.



4 Rotten Corpses

This episode got us a little closer to what I think of when I hear American Horror Story.  I look forward to more.


A Bay of BloodBAY OF BLOOD / Netflix / 1 hour 24 mins

3 Rotten Corpses

My only video nasty for the week.  I enjoyed this for what it was.  There were some campy moments, the kills were fun, and the hairstyles were great to laugh at.  Nothing like a creepy eye staring at you.




THE NEIGHBORS “Challoweenika” / DVR / 30 mins

4 Rotten Corpses

Yes, I like this show.  It was a Halloween episode, and I’ll take what i can get.



4 Rotten Corpses

I love Halloween specials, and this one didn’t disappoint.  I’m just a big kid at heart.


THE WOLF MAN (1941) / Netflix / 1 hour 9 mins

5 Rotten Corpses

This is a classic, and what’s October without at least a few of the classic monster movies?  When I watch these older movies, i do find myself asking a lot of questions like, “If he was just a wolf, why is his human form now completely dressed, except for shoes?” and “Why is the detective giving the murder weapon of an open investigation back to the suspected killer?”  But really, I don’t care, because it’s the wolf man, baby!