Devil’s Creek Idol: Void Without a Name


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You are ordering one (1) of the officially licensed idols, “Void Without a Name” from Todd Keisling’s brand new novel DEVIL’S CREEK. The Idol comes with a reproduction of the original letter sent to Imogene Tremly, explaining the obscure origins of the idol.

This 4 inch tall idol jumps directly from the pages of Keisling’s novel and into your home, horrifically rendered in a plastic resin cast, finished in acrylic paint, then sealed with a matte enamel spray.

*You may choose to order the blue glow in the dark variant or the original version.

*First run limited to 30 pieces.

*All orders come with a FREE goody bag!

Artist is not responsible for any curses, bad luck, or hauntings related to display of the Void Without a Name idol.

“Old lies above. New love Below.”

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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