Secret Transmission 8: Halfoween Coupon

Greetings members of the Candy Corn Apocalypse Army!

Yes, we are back!  And the announcements don’t get much bigger than this.  I am FINALLY ready to release the Halloween Blow Mold Night Lights plus tons of other Black and Orange goodies on Sunday, May 13, at noon EST.

But that’s not all.  Exclusively for the members of the CCAA, I have created a 10% off coupon valid on all items: HALFOWEEN10

This coupon will be good for a month, and is only good at the ETSY shop.  There’s no nefarious reason for this, it’s just that Storenvy charges me to create coupon codes, and Etsy does not.  That was just one of the many reason I decided to create an Etsy shop.

For the time being I have left the Storenvy shop open as well, but when this new sale goes live, all the items will first publish solely to Etsy.  If anything is left, I’ll then also list it to Storenvy.  I’m trying to leave as many options open, though if Etsy works out, I’ll eventually close the Storenvy shop.

In other news, work on the new website had taken a brief hiatus so I could finish up some art, but I’ll hopefully have the new site up this summer.

For those who haven’t been to my YouTube channel in a while, I’ve always been making strides on revamping the channel with new content, more heavily edited videos, and all around more love being put into content creation.  One of the things I’m most proud of is the new series RETROGRAPHIC HORROR: a 30 minute show featuring three youtubers discussing memories of a chosen theme, fake commercials, a horror host (Darsh Norbles), and what I hope is an all-around nostalgic, fun time for all.

I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below. Happy Halfoween!



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