Blog Tour Day 8: What a Life!

Today you will find my guest post, “A Day in the Life,” on not one, but two of Stephanie Green’s websites!  Give a little clicky click here or here.  Or how about both!  Here’s a taste:

I start each day by falling asleep. I used to start each day by waking up, but I grew tired of being just another follower, and I declared I’d never again be one of the herd. After drifting off, I make a pot of coffee, eat breakfast, and get dressed while I shower. True, the coffee tastes a little watered down, and my eggs are a bit soapy, but having sparkling clean clothes every morning is worth the effort.

Aside from my guest post, you’ll of course find the 8th game piece in the big contest.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Read about how you can win a $50 gift card, horror gift pack, or ebook gift pack here!


I noticed the game piece is not working at the moment on Steph’s site, so you can snag it here: