“Drugged: A Character Study in Six Parts”

I recently wrote on my decision to add content to a flash story that had been rejected, entitled, “Drugged.”

It happened that the suggestion (from an editor) to add to this story coincided with the need for me to write a short story for a graduate class on contemporary literature. Killing to birds with one stone, I used the theme “identity” to create a new, longer story, called “Drugged, A Character Study in Six Parts.”

I received an “A” on the assignment, and my professor was nice enough to critique the piece so I could get it ready to resubmit.

Now in possession of her critique, I plan to polish the work and resubmit within the next week.


In other news, I am still polishing and revising my short piece, “State of the Union,” as well as working on another short or two.


In website news, my brother is hard at work, creating an atmospheric page for me. He is currently working with a 3D program, creating nerve cells that will morph and pulse as the user clicks on them. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


No new rejection/acceptance/submission news. The calm before the storm?


Flesh and Blood Magazine has officially closed its doors. It always looked like a nice market to me, but I never did order their mag, having noticed a lack of publishing in recent years.


My decision to present myself as a writer of Dark Literature instead of a “horror writer” has not been questioned, and I am glad for that. I never liked the restriction of genre titles (no matter how easy it makes marketing and promotion), and I felt it was time to break free of the title.

True, I have replaced one title with another, but I feel “Dark Literature” has more slack in its meaning.

Anyway, I don’t really want to give a sermon on it, so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.