Writing has been slow the past two weeks due to finals preparation. Come Wednesday, the semester ends, and I have a full month of nearly free time (still have to work) to get some writing done.

I have been keeping up with submitting however, and at the moment have three pieces awaiting response. Since this fall I have felt like something big is about to happen. It hasn’t yet, but I still feel like I am getting close to something. It will be soon.

I managed to incorporate Stephen King into one of my final papers for class. I am writing on the use of eye-dialect in his works. Anytime I can write about horror for school makes the work go faster.

The new issue of Cemetery Dance hasn’t disappointed.
I haven’t been able to read too much of it, but what I have is good. They even have an excerpt from King’s new book, The Colorado Kid.

Well, I’ll be sure to update when I hear back about these submissions, and about any new stories I work on.

I hope to create a real webpage once I get a story or two published. We’ll see how it goes. Until then, Merry Christmas.