Get Your Good Karma for the Day

This is a slight digression from horror and writing. A fellow writer has posted this info on a writing site that I am part of (writers4writers), and I felt it was important to pass the info along. No money involved, just thirty seconds of your time.

One of our Deputies, Steve Bailey, suffered a career ending stroke about 5 months ago. He is 47 years old. He is unable to walk and has expensive rehab that isn’t covered by insurance.

Just last week, his apartment complex caught fire and his home was destroyed, along with all his property and that of his fiance and her children.

This poor guy has had it rough, to say the least. Here is how you can help. I’m not asking for money, just a vote.

My Sheriff, David Shoar, has been nominated on America’s Most Wanted All-Stars. He has made the 8 finalists group. The winner of this contest receives $10,000. Sheriff Shoar has said, should he win, he’ll donate the $10,000 to the disabled Deputy Sheriff and his family.

This would be a huge help to the family, to say the least.

Our department has been doing all kinds of fund raising for the family, doing bake sales, raffles, softball game and even a hamburger/ hot dog lunch, where we raised $4000.

The $10,000 could do so much to help a family that has been through more than many of us will ever have to deal with.

This is where you can help. Below is the information on how to vote for Sheriff Shoar. Please take just a minute and place a vote. It would make a huge difference in the life of a very special Deputy and friend of mine.

Sheriff David B. Shoar of St. Johns County has been voted one of the 8 National finalists to compete in “America’s Most Wanted” All Star competition. You can vote for him by going to the following link CLICK ME and click “vote” under his picture. The voting runs until May 8, 2006 with the winner being announced shortly afterwards. The winner will receive $10,000. Sheriff Shoar has committed to donating the $10,000 if he wins to Deputy Steve Bailey of the Sheriff’s Office as he copes with a seriously disabling medical condition. Forward this to your friends everywhere!!!!!!!!

Please pass this on to your family members and friends.
Thanks so much for helping.