Horror on the brain

How much writing did I get done this weekend you ask? Well, if you don’t count the many essays for grad school, which I don’t, then nada.

I’m not proud.

I did bake an apple pie today. You might not believe it, but baking an apple pie actually helps me write. Let me explain–

Apple pie reminds me of autumn, which reminds me of Halloween, which gets me all worked up and excited with images ranging from spooky to down right disgusting rushing through my poor beguiled head, which in turn feeds my obsessive writing.

I’ll write tonight. Probably from 10 pm right through the witching hour.

Oh, and don’t forget to read and add to the interactive story (it’s on the sidebar to your right). It should be loads of fun if enough ppl participate.

“Coffee can,” you horribly named short story, here I come!