Increased Visitor Use

I’m glad to see the number of visitors to my site has increased. I know it’s just a blog site, but it does have some pretty fun stuff if you’re willing to look for it.

Hey. Try clicking the little white box that says “Slapstick Productions” on it and a little picture. That will bring you to a short cartoon I made a few years ago.

I am seriously considering launching a “real” website in the coming weeks. I haven’t decided on an opening date yet. Truthfully, I am waiting to get one or two more stories published before setting up shop. My fingers are crossed.

Inexplicably, I have had increased traffic coming from ROWAN COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY. When I try to follow the referring link, it brings me to a WebCT login page. The only explanation I can figure is someone posted a link to my site there.

So, thanks! to whoever is advertising my quaint little blog. And if someone from the college want to post here letting me know the nice person behind it, I’ll appreciate it.

Okay, here’s another link no one ever hit on. Click the banner for “The movement” at the very bottom of the page. That will bring you to another weirdo cartoon I made in college.

In writing news, there is none. I’ve been dabbling in poetry for class, but that’s about it. Still waiting to hear back on many pieces. Haven’t had time to work on anything big. Poor me.

Okay. The End.