Recommended: Fright Flight by Lisa Ard

After reading Fright Flight (Dream Seekers #1), by Lisa Ard, I am certain that kids will love it. The premise is an interesting one: a family can interact and explore their dreams. It sounds a lot like lucid dreaming, but there are hints in the book that the dreams are a bit more “real” for this family. For instance, eating too much ice cream causes Patrick (the 12 year old main character) to wake up with a stomach ache. I especially like the clever dream rules laid out by the mom, using the word DREAM as a kind of acronym.

The book is exciting, especially once Patrick enters the main dream of the book, which involves space fights. There a lot here to keep kids entertained and engaged, but there’s also a lot of good messages, such as learning to follow the rules.

One last thing that stuck out is the introduction of the father as not only *not* being a dream seeker, but also being a scientist who is trying to isolate the dream seeker gene so he can make his family “normal.” This concept is introduced early on, and only mentioned again in passing near the end of the book, which leads me to believe this will be a central issue in later books in the series (this is book 1 in a series). I like how this concept was injected for later exploration; it shows the author is considering future plot lines even now.

The illustrations throughout the book are also a welcome addition.

Overall, a great book for kids!