Rising From the Deep

It seems I’ve let months pass between posts again.

I could lie and say I’ve been hard at work on my second novel (The Shadows of Flies), but that’s not entirely true.  I’ve only been easy at work on my second novel.  There’s still much more to go.

But I do have news.  First of all, my novel Soundtrack to the End of the World has been re-released in Kindle format through Evil Jester Press.  That’s certainly worth a gander if you haven’t yet read it.  I also recently received a new review for it:  www.buyzombie.com.  The formatting error mentioned in the review was only in the Advanced Reader Copies (ARC).

And finally, of course, a freebie.  Anyone who has followed me for more than a month probably already has this, but hey, who knows.  Welcome to Moon Hill is free on Amazon for the next five days, in coordination with the SpecFic Authors Collective.

Cheers and salutations.