The Coffee Can

Despite CONSTANT familial interruptions (for example, my dad is currently in my room tearing out insulation from my ceiling), a butt-load of school work, and a wandering attention, I managed to start work on a new short story tentatively entitled, “The Coffee Can.” I am definitely going to change the title, but I needed to save it as something, and that was it.

I’ve written 704 words so far, which really isn’t so hot. In a perfect world, I would like to get 2,000 words a day or more on paper.

While on the subject, some of you may be wondering, If you’re a writer, and this blog is for your writing, where are all the stories?

Well, first off, anything new and unpublished that I have written must remain un-posted to retain “unpublished status.” In other words, if I was to post a story on here, it would be considered published, and most magazines don’t buy previously published material.

I do have a couple of published stories online, but they are from over two years ago, and of less than desirable quality. Therefore, I have been hesitant to post them as a lone example of my work, since they are really not very good.

I will, of course, post any stories that do get published, which I hope will happen soon.