The Holiday Home Stretch 2013

Holiday Home StretchWe’re well into the last week of the year, and I for one couldn’t be happier.  Sure, we can get into the whole one-year-older frame of mind, but what good will it do?  Instead, I like to embrace this holiday home stretch.  I bask in the warmth of vacation days, swim in the pool of increased caloric intake, and dance on the floor of new books and toys.

The day after Christmas is devoted to new stuff.  Truth be told, the gift-giving aspect of the holiday season is my least favorite part.  I enjoy it, and I like receiving gifts, but the holidays mean much more to me, such as spending quality time with family and giving to those in need.  Having said that, I’ll usually spend the day after Christmas (and probably a good portion of the rest of December) playing with new toys, reading new books, and staring in awe at vintage decorations.

I’ll also spend much of this time gorging on leftovers.  My family makes too much food.  It’s what we do.  But I hate to waste food, so I end up becoming the family garbage disposal this time of year, making sure nothing is left to rot (except in my own stomach).  I won’t live long.

Antipasto Platter

With so much eating going on, I have to occupy my time during these great feasts, if only to take my mind off the ever expanding gut below.  For this, I turn to my great love: Movie Marathons!  Since I’m consuming too much food, why not consume too much TV as well?

As I shove sugar cookies and Italian pastries down my throat, I’ll blast my eyeballs with the Die Hard Collection.  While I pack in the lasagna and meatballs, I’ll saturate my face (pervert) with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  While I devour cheese and crackers, I’ll delight in the annual Twilight Zone Marathon.

The Twilight Zone Marathon 2013

I know this sounds gluttonous, but the Holiday Home Stretch only occurs once a year, and I mean to take full advantage.  It’s like a spiritual cleanse, if by spiritual you mean technological and by cleanse you mean saturation.

Arrogant squirrelIn between the eating and viewing, I’ll also play video games, read books, dance naked in the new winter snow, and threaten uppity forest creatures.  Because they think they’re SO GREAT!

I’ll bet many of you are thinking that my Holiday Home Stretch traditions are inane and insane.  I won’t argue the point.  You’re probably right.

And so I ask you:  What are your Holiday Home Stretch traditions?