Word counts, rejections, and late nights


I thought I should post, since it has been a few days.

Latest news:

Another rejection. No surprise there. I still have one story out in the world, and I have a good feeling about it. I’ll post the result of that when I find out.

My NaNo WriMo word count hasn’t grown much since my last posting. I am close to 10,000 words, which is really low compared to the 20,000 I should have. I’m thinking about pulling a couple of late nights this weekend, as long as I can put together my other school work before hand.

I decided to link “The Movement”(at the bottom of the page) banner to a silly cartoon I made long ago. Think of it as a special feature.

The latest issue of Surreal, a fairly new horror magazine, has not been disappointing. There is a nice mix of new and established horror writers and interviews to keep the reader interested. I also love that they have a special illustration that corresponds to each story.
Check out their webpage for more info.


And no, I am not making money by putting their link here. I just happen to like the magazine.